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We imagined a home intended to bring forth healing through biophila, creating a sense of openness, zen and reflection, which blur the lines between interior and exterior, bringing with it a sense of connection to nature.

Comprised of four 8’-6”x20’ standard shipping containers, two of them sliced longitudinally and attached to the sides of the outer structures, is a completely reimagined living environment. Protected by an extended flat roof that creates additional living outdoor space, the u-shaped composition allows for privacy within the otherwise continuous space.

From the covered entry courtyard through the living areas and out to the terrace, earthy tones were utilized to bring a sense of calm throughout. A palette of teak, blackened steel and stone flow continuously; complemented by carefully-curated, functional furniture and lighting, each working cohesively, like galleries in an art exhibit.

Clerestory windows just below the roofline allow for additional interior height, as well as providing views of the surrounding lush landscape and clear-blue Miami sky. The home is a refuge for the soul, inspiring creativity and well-being.

Giselle and

Brett Sugerman

Design Gallery

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Rafael Tierni

The New Age Home

Miguel Lewis

Home Office