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Our living spaces, now more than ever, not only have to reflect our personalities but must also serve our lives better. We need multifunctional spaces where several loved ones can enjoy each other’s company and engage in different tasks.

For this year’s CASACOR Miami, we’ve designed the ultimate home office space for a professional who enjoys natural light, plenty of air flow and classic charm.


We stacked two 20’ long shipping containers and opened two windows along the back wall. The light and warm color palette from the soft french oak and natural stone embrace the owner in a feeling of luxurious comfort.

Wooden millwork frames the space, providing storage and holding art, objects and books that reflect the owner’s history and passions.

Our design is boldly honest. The original shipping container is not hidden, rather is an integral part of the texture of the space: we left the metal ceiling exposed and treated the backing of the bookshelves with backlit ridded glass, which reveals the container’s metal walls.

This is home and office; personal and professional and above all: inviting.

Miguel Lewis 

Design Gallery

3D Tour



3D Tour

Giselle and

Brett Sugerman

Healing Oasis



La Cabane De Weekend
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