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In a year when the entire globe closed its doors because of the new coronavirus pandemic, the design world has been looking for new ways to adapt to the new reality and to the changing world we live in.

With this inspiration, the CASACOR JANELAS (“SHOWCASE”) project was first born in Brazil and adopted by CASACOR MIAMI this year. A true creative and inspirational exercise, with the objective of generating tangible concepts and ideas about our new way of living and providing concrete solutions and fresh inspiration to our current times...

In the CASACOR SHOWCASE project, hundreds of design professionals throughout Brazil and the Americas reflect on the post-pandemic life and home, challenging some of the most relevant questions that are part of our new present: what has changed in our lives and in our homes with the pandemic? What are our new needs and wants? Will everything become digital or is there still space for human interaction? How have our daily living spaces been transformed?

CASACOR MIAMI has invited some the most distinguished interior designers to think about the answers to these questions and put their ideas on display in virtual “showcases” that allow them to express the reality of the new home.

With this in mind, we invite you to come in, reflect with us, and share
our inspiration on the new way of living.

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