The New Age House was created to have less furniture, have a smaller footprint, and above all, as a house that should be easy to be maintained and deliver comfort and sophistication. Besides that, having working spaces in residential projects is the new trend of living.

The technology of materials currently available have been created to benefit all of us in a sense that we can take care of our own homes.

In order to accomplish that, my choice of materials was paramount. So the container was covered in wood to ensure the house is warm, translates coziness and it feels peaceful.

In addition, I have used
DECA for the kitchen sink and faucet, and DEKTON materials from COSENTINO on the walls and countertops (with antibacterial materials), thus protecting the residents from any outside harm.
The shelves were designed to display sentimental memories, as well as for the storage of the residents’ work related materials and items.

I have designed a Kitchen with an integrated bar for family and friends to enjoy, and many plants to “bring the outside in” and to accommodate nature inside of the house.

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