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Miami’s Brickell City Centre hosts immersive design environments for CasaCor

Altis Ornamentum by Moniomi at CasaCor exhibition at Brickell City Center in Miami. Photography: Kris Tamburello

It’s that time of the year again, when the international art and design worlds descend onto Miami for a week of champagne-fuelled parties and events. While Design Miami/ launches its 14th edition, a few blocks from the beachfront, CasaCor Miami takes over the Brickell City Centre in the radically-contrasting Financial district, for its second edition. Once again, the interiors hub brings together local and international talent, this time across a 25,000 ft venue, where textile meets lighting and furnishing trends.

‘It’s an immersive experience to connect with each concept,’ says Miami-based, Venezuela-born Jessica Acosta Rubio, curator of CasaCor Miami 2018. ‘It explores the very fine line between art and design, between beauty and functionality.’

Interior by Sabrina Maclean Hinojosa & Desiree Casoni Garcia. Photography: Kris Tamburello

Thematically rooted in our relationship to nature, the exhibition aims to bring the energy of the natural environment to this bustling space in the city centre. Visitors are invited to move across micro-environments, from wild roots to technology and modernism to naturalism, created by nearly 30 design firms and artists including Moniomi, Adriana Mavignier, By Lemme, Tatiana Moreira, Christian Feneck and Lucinda Linderman.

Highlights this year include a specially-commissioned art installation by local artist Carola Bravo, inspired by the way Miami’s urban lights reflect on the water, a selection of crystal objects by lighting and furniture studio Stone and Rose Co and a personal study space for an architect created by New York and LA-based firm D’Apostrophe.

Agave Rendezvous by Edge Collections. Photography: Kris Tamburello

In addition, CasaCor enlisted designer Fernando Mastrangelo and writer Hannah Martin to curate In Good Company: a platform for emerging talent, which debuted earlier this year in New York. ‘I hope seeing these pieces in the context of CasaCor Miami will make visitors think about the intersection of functionality and fine art,’ says Martin of the showcase, which features innovative new works by Yuko Nishikawa, Ian Cochran and Erica Sellers.

With this second edition, CasaCor—one of the largest, multi-city trade shows in the Americas – asserts its presence in Miami, often dubbed as the ‘Capital of Latin America.’ ‘We expect to continue to support design and creativity for many years to come,’ says CasaCor Miami CEO Lucio Grimaldi, of the company’s activity in Florida. An ambitious vision, given the competitive landscape. §


CasaCor is on view until 16 December. For more information visit the website


Brickell City Center 700 Brickell Avenue building 701 S Miami Ave Miami, FL 33131


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