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Cosentino Materials Captivate Designers at CASACOR Miami 2020


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December 15, 2020

Cosentino Materials Captivate Designers at CASACOR Miami 2020

Cosentino is honored to sponsor CASACOR Miami, the most complete architecture, interior and landscaping design exhibition in North America, for the fourth consecutive year. While CASACOR Miami is typically held in person, the organization pivoted to a virtual design showcase for the 2020 edition.

This year’s virtual showcase features five Miami-based interior designers, both established and emerging, bringing to life their creativity, inspiration and use of the latest materials and technologies for the new home in post-pandemic times. Unique applications of Dekton shine throughout the diverse spaces, which are all based on shipping containers — an emerging trend in sustainable design.

To preview the spaces and learn more about how the participating designers envision their creations, see below. The full CASACOR Miami experience, including 3D tours and video interviews with each designer, is available here and will be on view for design enthusiasts from December 10-22.

Healing Oasis | Giselle and Brett Sugarman, B+G Design

Giselle and Brett Sugarman, B+G Design | CASACOR Miami 2020

“We imagined a home intended to bring forth healing through biophilia, creating a sense of openness, zen and reflection, which blur the lines between interior and exterior, bringing with it a sense of connection to nature.

Comprising four 8’-6”x20’ standard shipping containers, two of them sliced longitudinally and attached to the sides of the outer structures, is a completely reimagined living environment. Protected by an extended flat roof that creates additional living outdoor space, the u-shaped composition allows for privacy within the otherwise continuous space.

From the covered entry courtyard through the living areas and out to the terrace, earthy tones were utilized to bring a sense of calm throughout. A palette of teak, blackened steel and stone flow continuously; complemented by carefully-curated, functional furniture and lighting, each working cohesively, like galleries in an art exhibit.

Clerestory windows just below the roofline allow for additional interior height, as well as providing views of the surrounding lush landscape and clear-blue Miami sky. The home is a refuge for the soul, inspiring creativity and well-being.” — Giselle and Brett Sugarman

Dekton Liquid Shell and Dekton Bromo help bring the healing oasis to life on the space’s island and walls, respectively.

Home Office | Miguel Lewis, Miguel Lewis Interiors

Miguel Lewis Interiors | CASACOR Miami 2020

“More than ever, our living spaces have to reflect our personalities and must also serve our lives better. We need multifunctional spaces where loved ones can enjoy each other’s company and engage in different tasks.

We’ve designed the ultimate home office space for a professional who enjoys natural light, plenty of air flow and classic charm. We stacked two 20’ long shipping containers and opened two windows along the back wall. The light and warm color palette from the soft french oak and natural stone embrace the owner in a feeling of luxurious comfort.

Wooden millwork frames the space, providing storage and holding art, objects and books that reflect the owner’s history and passions. Our design is boldly honest. The original shipping container is not hidden, rather it is an integral part of the texture of the space: we left the metal ceiling exposed and treated the backing of the bookshelves with backlit ridded glass, which reveals the container’s metal walls. This is home and office; personal and professional and above all: inviting.”

Miguel Lewis Interiors | CASACOR Miami 2020

The white with gray-gold streaks of Dekton Entzo feature prominently in this home office, with the material taking center stage on the fireplace and as a unique accent in the room’s shelving.

La Cabane de Weekend | Constanza Collarte, Collarte Interiors

La Cabane de Weekend | Collarte Interiors | CASACOR Miami 2020

“When playing with the idea of containers as living modules, we kept thinking about the prefab structures from the French modernists of the ‘50s.

Similar to the likes of Jean Prouve and Charlotte Perriand’s demountable homes, or Le Corbusier’s prefabricated Cabin in the south of France; I loved the thought of being able to place a simple cabana anywhere your heart desired. And this design is really an ode to these modernists and their desire to live simply yet meaningfully.

In a time where we feel a bit more constrained and limited by our surroundings, I wanted to create a place to escape to, a space to feel free, explorative and creative, far away from daily life. La Cabane De Weekend, if you will, where the beach bleeds into the living space and any concerns melt into the sand.”

An asymmetrical tabletop made from Cosentino’s natural stone Soapstone Barroca rests gracefully against robust wooden legs in this beachside bungalow.

The Awakening House | Jesus Pacheco, Jesus Pacheco Architects

The Awakening House | Jesus Pacheco Architects | CASACOR Miami 2020

“The concept of this house is a sustainable house design made from four small containers, grouped in two, following into a radial composition whose center is occupied by the piece “The Other Dimension” by the renowned artist Antuan Rodríguez.

The central patio integrates the social, intimate, relaxation and meditation areas. The patio is a space to perform yoga under the shadow of that mystical work based on the universal human binary encoding.

This house is a refuge created to connect with oneself through the five elements, and to contact with nature through the elements that help to awaken consciousness.

Healing through design and architecture is the principal idea of this project that is inspired by a mandala designed by Antuan’s art where circles, natural materials and the opening to the outside predominates.

The exterior of the container is covered by the technique Shou Sugi Ban which is a treatment made to the wood to avoid maintenance and give it a natural and warm finish.”

The Awakening House | Jesus Pacheco Architects | CASACOR Miami 2020

The New Age Home | Rafael Tierni, Rafael Tierni Interiors

“The New Age House was created to have less furniture, have a smaller footprint, and above all, as a house that should be easy to be maintained and deliver comfort and sophistication. Besides that, having working spaces in residential projects is the new trend of living.​

The technology of materials currently available have been created to benefit all of us in a sense that we can take care of our own homes. The container was covered in wood to ensure the house is warm, translates coziness and it feels peaceful. The shelves were designed to display sentimental memories, as well as for the storage of the residents’ work related materials and items.

I have designed a Kitchen with an integrated bar for family and friends to enjoy, and many plants to “bring the outside in” and to accommodate nature inside of the house.”

Launched in 2020, Dekton Laurent lines the wall along with Dekton Baltic, another hue from the Chromica collection. Dekton Liquid Sky brightens the kitchen and is accompanied by a living plant wall.

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