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CASACOR Miami Brings Experiential Urban Living to Brickell City Centre

By: nina azzarello I

architecture, interior and landscaping design exhibition CASACOR miami returns to miami art week for its second year. developed in partnership with swire properties and presented by cosentino, CASACOR miami takes place at brickell city centre’s 700 brickell avenue building through december 16th, 2018. an international purveyor of design and craftsmanship in the home design field, CASACOR miami brings together an international and local roster of architects, interior designers and landscapers to present their signature styles along with the latest interior furnishings, art, color trends, textiles, lighting, home accessories and global culture.

‘e.sens’ is a conceptual room that encourages viewers to disconnect from the outside world image by kris tamburello / space by sabrina maclean and desiree casoni garcia

the 15-day experiential urban living exhibition allows visitors to engage with innovative design ideas that may apply to their own living spaces.

‘inspiration for the exhibition was derived from the urban infrastructure of miami,’ explains CASACOR miami 2018 curator, jessica acosta-rubio. ‘the exhibition is thematically rooted in nature and the idea of bringing the energy of the natural environment to the bustling space of the city center. the show will incite moments of calm, balance and inspiration so guests will be encouraged to become one with the environment within a space of relief.’

a corridor leads to four wooden enclosures lit by LED strips and covered with vellum image by kris tamburello / space by sabrina maclean and desiree casoni garcia

‘miami has become an incredibly important epicenter for design and art and we are excited to continue to showcase the originality of the city by bringing together world-class design through collaboration with the most renowned and emerging design professionals,’ says lucio grimaldi, chief executive officer of CASACOR miami.

four colors — yellow, blue, green and purple — reference miami’s water, sun, vegetation, and essence image by kris tamburello / space by sabrina maclean and desiree casoni garcia

across two floors at brickell city center’s 700 brickell avenue building, visitors encounter a variety of micro-environments — ranging from technology, to modernism, to naturalism. design firms like d’apostrophe, pininfarina and moniomi display tranquil spaces, while a curated selection of designers showcase their signature schemes: adriana mavignier, alberto salaberri, allan malouf, by lemme, carola bravo, edge collection, guardini-stancati interior design, inês martins, jesus pacheco, léo shehtman, mr.o, roye, sabrina maclean & desiree casoni garcia, sandra diaz-velasco and tatiana moreira.

collectibles range from a mirror by fernando mastrangelo, to a hammock by gabrielle conilh de beyssac image by kris tamburello / space by sabrina maclean and desiree casoni garcia

also showing at CASACOR miami this year is in good company, an exhibition curated by designer fernando mastrangelo and hannah martin. a platform for young and emerging designers to spotlight their work, in good company made its debut last year in new york city and brings the exhibition to miami for the first time.

furthermore, participating artists featured in the exhibition include: carol adrianza ferdinand, christian feneck, flora and form, karen starosta-gilinski, kerry philips, lucinda linderman, juliana aragao and flor troconis, nina surel, stone & rose and natalia giannangeli.

the artistic intervention ‘wild violet’ meanders up the exhibition space walls image by jeanne canto / art by natalia giannangeli

while the theme of urban oasis sets the overall tone for CASACOR miami, the exhibition appeals to a wide range of tastes, with artists and designers featured in more than 20 spaces across over 25,000 feet of a prime brickell location.

‘due to last year’s success of debuting CASACOR to the miami market, swire properties will partner once again with the prominent design firm to further its stance on supporting the arts,’ describes maile aguila, senior vice president of residential sales for swire properties inc. ‘we will have renowned artists, designers and architects from across the globe deliver an innovate exhibition that converges art, design and real estate and speaks to brickell city centre’s international consumers, residents, visitors and community.’

‘altis ornamentum’ is a modern take on the training venues of classic times — arched entryways included image by kris tamburello / space by moniomi

a curated selection of stones titled ‘pure aqua 2015-2018’ image by kris tamburello / art by karen starosta-gilinski

the installation includes custom rugs, interactive art, and high-end equipment

image by kris tamburello / space by moniomi

works included in the show span textiles, furniture, lighting, and sculpture

image by kris tamburello / space by in good company

the installation brings together creatives whose work reflects a post-industrial shift in thinking about materials

image by kris tamburello / space by in good company

sculptures, seats and the bar in this garden seem to have been chiseled by the wind image by kris tamburello / space by pininfarina

‘agave rendezvous’ is a meeting and lounge space that references the agave plantations from jalisco, mexico

image by kris tamburello / space by edge collections

rio de janeiro meets southern florida in this lounge wrapped in hand-painted wallpaper

image by kris tamburello / space by alberto salaberri

‘an architect’s room’ has been conceived as an ode to the work of le corbusier image by kris tamburello / space by d’apostrophe design inc.


CASACOR, one of the companies of grupo abril, is recognized as the largest and most complete architecture, interior and landscaping design exhibition in the americas. annually, the event brings together renowned architects, interior designers and landscapers in 20 cities in brazil.

about brickell city centre

brickell city centre (BCC), developed by swire properties inc, is a $1 billion mixed-use landmark in the heart of miami’s bustling financial district. the nine-acre development includes almost five million square feet of retail, office, luxury residential, hotel and entertainment space, plus an unprecedented two-level, seven-acre underground parking garage. coined miami’s ‘city within a city’, BCC unveiled its first phase in november 2016, comprised of two luxury residential towers – reach and rise, two mid-rise office buildings – two BCC and three BCC, and the toney east, miami hotel, all towering above the ultimate amenity -– a 500,000 square foot open-air retail center boasting 125 storefronts and three levels of unparalleled shopping, dining and entertainment anchored by an ultra-modern saks fifth avenue, luxury dine-in theater cmx and la centrale – miami’s very first italian food hall. the project’s three city blocks are all connected by its architectural crown jewel, the climate ribbon; the larger-than-life canopy of steel and glass that spans 150,000 square feet acting as a sophisticated environmental management system protecting shoppers from south florida’s heat and rain.


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