Through 33 years of experience, CASACOR has retained a close relationship with partners and sponsors who share an aspiring enthusiasm for design, architecture, culture and an improved living environment. The excitement created around a CASACOR event brings a renewed aura to a partner’s brand, helps to maintain upscale positioning and serves as a stage to test and launch new concepts and present forward-thinking ideas.

CASACOR Miami provides a controlled experience through a series of intimate home-like environments. Partners and sponsors are able to organically incorporate their products directly into select interior spaces or interactive vignettes created by top designers and architects to establish a natural interaction with consumers. This type of personal interaction remains incomparable to any digital or virtual experience in today’s society.

Premier Partners have unique spaces within CASACOR Miami to showcase their products and further amplify their brand. Priority show access for partner’s clients along with the use of select spaces of CASACOR Miami are available to entertain and network with business partners and clients alike. With year-round support provided for our Premiere Partners, relationships are extended far beyond the duration of a single CASACOR Miami event.

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